There is a relationship between the air and the body. The lungs expand as the exterior air fills within the body. This air passes through the lungs, the windpipe, and the mouth. Each defines the form of the air until it escapes as a formless vapor upon exhalation. The breath is a combination of moisture and warmth released from inside the body.

Similar to the lungs of the body drawing in air, my art practice expands and contracts. At times my work expands across an interior of a space - an immersive experience where performers or participates are enacting the work, or it contracts to a one to one relation with an object or an image.

My research oscillates between the intervals of making and doing. In making, the work is an action from the body - a mark, a trace, or evidence of a material from a time passed. In doing, the work resides within the body and transpires through an action in the present moment.

As an artist, I look at the world and see a studio - a place for questioning, contemplating, exploring, and activating. I pay attention to the "everyday". My current practice explores the ephemeral. I am fascinated with air, breath, light, movement, sound, and time as materials. The immaterial quality provokes the question, how can I make these tangible through an experience?